Security Training and International Business Development (STIB)

PAL provides a full spectrum of professional services and international business development providing you with a competitive edge while delivering best-value services and solutions and transforming PAL enterprise into a responsive, customer-focused client and personnel support business solution for and with the U.S. Government, Commercial Clients and international governments.

Security and Cultural Training

PAL provides customized security and cultural training that builds on an organization’s existing level of training and readiness. We offer development and administration of formal training and exercises complete with honest, impartial evaluations and guidance on the next steps in development and training to correct deficiencies noted during exercises.

Our Subject Matter Experts are drawn from the disciplines of military, diplomatic, intelligence and educational specialties. Personal experiences and training form a solid base of knowledge augmented by considerable reach back and teaming arrangements with other experienced, innovative training organizations.

PAL provides both federal and commercial customers with customized training built on the U.S. Government’s existing level of training and readiness. PAL uses kinesthetic training principles proven to be the most effective in adult learning. Learning by doing produces results far exceeding those of other methodologies. We use academic scaffolding principles incorporating progression from the large classroom to the seminar, to one-on-one laboratory experience, to practical exercises, and finally to field exercises. The cycle of Training – Exercise – Evaluation – Training is the fastest way to develop skill sets critical in any environment.

PAL’s forte is training in security, diplomatic affairs, protocol, regional and country specific orientation, cross-cultural communication, and information collection and reporting.

PAL has been honored to prepare and train over 4,000 Department of Defense (DOD) personnel and their spouses to serve our Nation in very diverse and sometimes hostile countries in every part of the globe. These are the future military-diplomats, political-military advisors and leaders of the national security community. . .leaders who are full partners with their policy planning operations counterparts; leaders who anticipate and provide the required support at the national and theater level; and leaders who constitute a unique asset representing the United States to the world.

PAL trains and instructs U.S. Government officials in how to diplomatically and securely operate and interact in the international environment. We can assist you in preparing your personnel to live and operate overseas.

Providing Exceptional Expertise and Education for Service Around the Globe