Aviation and Tactical Systems

Peduzzi Associates provides support in the realms of Aviation and Tactical Systems for companies doing business with the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration and other Federal, State and Local Government agencies.

PAL’s scope of services for our clients includes Washington representation, government relations, government marketing, business development, strategic planning, and government acquisition and procurement procedures.

Our subject-matter experts help our clients create, resource, sustain and market their Aviation, Communication, Surveillance capabilities and products in three critical areas: Leadership Support, Business/Strategy Development, and Capability Gap Analysis.



  • Assist in establishing goals and objectives based on your strategic vision.
  • Provide measurable and quantifiable actions to assist in promoting your products and services that will meet or surpass your business goals and objectives.
  • Provide an understanding of the strategic environment and its impact on the future direction of government business and the opportunities offered.
  • Assist with developing detailed Action Plans to meet company goals and objectives.
  • Assist with executing marketing plans for key government and industry players.
  • Identify and support key conferences and symposia.
  • Assist with identifying and recommending potential strategic teaming partners.
  • Assist with Operational Analysis, Concept Development, Market Analysis and Product Capability, Gap Analysis Efforts, and Proposal Support.
  • Recommend pursuits based on Market and Product Gap Analysis.

Business/Strategy Development Support

  • Help you understand and leverage Government Requirements; capability gaps; and, the resourcing and acquisition processes.
  • Assist with requirements and technical challenges.
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining client reputations and relationships throughout government, academia and industry.
  • Provide/support integrated process team(s) for short-term concentrated analyses, programs processes and technical assessments.
  • Attend and support Clients’ interests during meetings, seminars, symposia, technical meetings, and conferences.
  • Apply the entire PAL team when required, ensuring full support throughout the government.
  • Provide technical guidance, advice, and strategic planning, representation, business development and marketing assistance.
  • Facilitate meetings, briefings and present information papers to key decision makers.
  • Monitor the budget system during program planning, execution and procurement contracting.

Capability Gap Analysis Support

  • Assist with operational analysis, market assessments, concept development and proposal support.
  • Assist with program assessments.
  • Review client current and future products and capabilities.
  • Identify potential internal teaming and strategic partnership opportunities.
  • Recommend initial pursuits.

OUR Aviation and Tactical Systems Team


Chad Cuomo


Chad Cuomo

Director of Huntsville Operations

CSM Chad Cuomo, US Army (Ret.), joined Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. (PAL), in June 2015. Cuomo has over thirty-two years of professional experience in military and aviation maintenance, aviation logistics, personnel and program management, and flight operations. He brings this broad background of experience, which spans the Department of Defense and aviation communities, to PAL.

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