Medical Technology

We offer an extensive range of services to our clients including government relations, strategic planning, technology compatibility and integration. Our clientele spans small cutting edge firms to large global corporations.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with honest, reliable, results-oriented performance and excellence in pursuit of their business development goals and objectives.

Our Scope of Expertise

The PAL Medical Team provides focused, experienced, and comprehensive business development services.  Our main goal is to provide integrated multilevel assistance for clients that would like to develop their market within the vast array of federal departments and agencies. We provide a full range of services including:


  • Business Development strategy – focusing on comprehensive support services, product and DoD medical requirements
  • Product acceptance and Proof of Concept analysis
  • Identification of the DoD/Federal service requirements and matching capabilities with end user requests
  • Preclinical study planning
  • Navigation through Form, Fit and Function analysis
  • Clinical study design assistance
  • Compliance and regulatory analysis within the DoD medical and Federal Health agencies
  • Executive and Legislative programs and/or processes integration
  • Advocacy within the House and Senate Appropriations and Armed Services Committees
  • Program and Project Management
  • Guidance through the complex Federal Acquisition process
  • Assistance in rotary and fixed wing air worthiness requirements

We are teamed with a local firm for FDA and compliance issues. Our teaming partner can provide detailed planning to determine product classification, potential research of predicate device compatibility to submission of the actual application.

Capability Gap Analysis Support

  • Assist with operational analysis, market assessments, concept development and proposal support.
  • Assist with program assessments.
  • Review client current and future products and capabilities.
  • Identify potential internal teaming and strategic partnership opportunities.
  • Recommend initial pursuits.



Larry McBean


Larry McBean

Director of Medical Technology

Lawrence McBean has over twenty-eight years of professional experience in government affairs, medical logistics and procurement, medical technology and sensor integration, disaster management and biological-chemical defense activities. He brings a broad background of experience to Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. which spans the medical and homeland security communities.

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